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The Affordable Care Act or (ACA)often referred to as "Obamacare"  states that commercial health insurance providers are now required by law to allow breast pumps as a covered expense for lactating women.  There is variation in the percentage of coverage and copays, depending on your health insurance carrier and plan.  Health insurance plans are required to offer coverage of breast pumps, but it may not cover the entire cost. This benefit applies to non-grandfathered plans with renewals starting on or after August 1, 2012.  Currently this law does not cover Medicaid or WIC.

Click HERE to fill out your contact information, including your insurance carrier and insurance number and we will verify your insurance and call you, within 24 hours, to discuss coverage and pump options.  Or call us at 336-602-1668.



Pump In Style Advanced Breastpump Starter Set

Medela provides the most technologically advanced, superior-quality breastpumps and breastfeeding accessories to nursing mothers around the world.

Purely Yours Breast Pump

Ameda offers a range of personal electric and manual breast pumps. The Ameda personal electric breast pumps are designed for daily use. The pumps are ideal for mothers returning to work full time or those who want a fast and easy pumping experience.

Spectra 9 Plus Advanced Breast Pump

4/13 4/9 Spectra Breast Pumps- The Ultimate in Efficiency, Comfort...AND Style.... No matter where you are in your breastfeeding journey.

Tomy The First Years miPump

The First Years miPump is compact and sleek without sacrificing strength. Designed to help you breastfeed longer, miPump is simple, quiet, quick, and efficient. The miPump Double Breast Pump includes a patented handle which allows you to pump with only on