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BARD offers the largest portfolio of catheters in the world.  Their offerings include Foley catheters, Foley trays, collections systems, irrigation trays and intermittent catheters and trays.

BARD also features temperature-sensing products that provide accurate readouts.  BARD's patented strain relief feature protects the integrity of the temperature sensor contained in the tip of the catheter.  Plus, their catheters are available with a variety of specialized coatings that help improve clinical and patient satisfaction outcomes.

100% Silicone Drain Bag Foley Trays

Product Description  The 100% silicone drainage bag Foley tray features a 5cc all-silicone ...

Bardex I.C. Infection Control Foley Catheters

Dramatically reduces bacterial adherence and minimizes biofilm formation

Bardia Foley Insertion Trays

Product Description  BARDIA® Foley Insertion Trays include Foley catheter prepping components ...

Bard's Urine Drainage Bags

Rounded, teardrop shape that ensures more efficient drainage

Leg Bag Accessories

Product Description  BARD provides a wide assortment of accessories including fabric leg straps ...

Lubricath Urine Meter Foley Trays

Features a BARDEX® LUBRICATH® latex Foley catheter pre-connected to a urine meter and includes the URO-PREP™ Tray

Lubr-Sil I.C. Infection Control Foley Catheters

The coating on the LUBRI-SIL® I.C. Foley catheter is designed to minimize biofilm formation and enhance patient comfort

PVC Intermittent Catheters

Available in a wide selection of materials, configurations, and French sizes

Red Rubber Coude Intermittent Catheters

Product Descripton  BARD® manufactures Intermittent Catheters with construction methods ...

Silicone-Elastomer Coated Foley Catheters

Made from a hydrophobic material that rejects moisture

Specialty Foley Catheters

Product Description  At BARD, we continually strive to develop and refine advanced products ...

Touchless Intermittent Closed System Catheters

Unique closed system helps to reduce the risk of urinary tract infections

Uncoated Silicone Foley Catheters

Product Description  The Bard 100% latex-free all-silicone Foley catheter is available in ...