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Category: Urinary Catheters

Designed to be non-irritating and comfortable

Product Description 

Engineered of clear, breathable silicone, the InView Male External Catheter features three styles: Special, Extra, and Standard.

Features and Benefits 

  • Latex-free
  • Non-irritating
  • With proper application, expect approximately a 24-hour wear time
  • Five sizes are available in color-coded packaging for easy identification
  • Excellent alternative to indwelling catheters, diapers, or other absorbent products


Trust InView male external catheters to:

  • Be transparent  -  provides an easy way to help monitor skin health while the catheter is in place.
  • Stay in Play  -  the skin friendly adhesive helps maximize wear time and helps prevent accidental detachment.
  • Meet specific needs  -  three styles and five sizes help ensure the proper fit:
  • Standard - regular length and adhesive for daily wear.
  • Extra - 70% more adhesive than the standard external catheter for added security.
  • Special - shorter sheath length for a  wider range of needs
  • Fit most leg and night drainage bags  -  the tapered tip helps ensure a secure connection.
  • Comfort

InView male external catheters feature:

  • Soft, breathable silicone  -  designed to be non-irritating and comfortable; can be crimped for a custom fit.
  • Gentle adhesive  -  balances secure fit with easy removal


Manufacturer Note: Rx Required

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Product Specifications

  • Small: 25mm
  • Medium: 29mm
  • Intermediate: 32mm
  • Large: 36mm
  • Extra Large: 41mm

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