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Category: Urinary Catheters

SpeediCath - The proven and reliable standard catheter

Product Description

SpeediCath is the instantly ready to use catheter, with a simple design for everyday cathing.  No need to add water, lubrication or waiting for the coating to get activated.  It does not get any faster or simpler than that.

SpeediCath is designed to address comfort and minimize risk of urethral damage.  The unique hydrophilic coating and the polished eyelets ensures smooth catheterization both during insertion and withdrawal.

SpeediCath is both quick and easy to use.  The ring-pull featuer offers easy opening and the adhesive dot ensures that the catheter stays where it is placed.

Features and Benefits

  • Instantly ready to use due to the unique hydrophilic coating
  • Simple design and intuitive to use
  • Designed to reduce friction to address comfort due to the hydrophilic coating and polished eyelets
  • Ring-pull opening feature allows for easy opening
  • Adhesive dot ensures the catheter stays where it is placed
  • PVC- and phthalate-free, limiting environmental impact

Manufacturer Note: Rx Required

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Product Specifications

  • Coude, Hydrophilic, Tapered Tip, 14": 10FR, 12FR, 14FR,16FR
  • SpeediCath, Hydrophilic, Straight Tip 14": 8FR, 10FR, 12FR, 14FR, 16FR, 18FR
  • Female, Hydrophilic, Straight Tip, 6": 6FR, 8FR, 10FR, 12FR, 14FR, 16FR
  • Pediatric, Hydrophilic, Straight Tip, 6" & 12": 6FR, 8FR, 10FR, 12FR

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