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Category: Orthopedic/Back Braces & Supports

Increases spinal stability and is designed to provide immediate pain relief to quickly restore functional mobility.

Product Description 

 When someone suffers an episode of acute low back pain, they want relief right away. The QuikDraw™ RAP quickly restores functional mobility by providing powerful compression for immediate pain relief.With just a few sizes that correspond directly to men’s or women’s clothing sizes, the QuikDraw™ RAP will reduce inventory requirements while simplifying the fitting process. The performance characteristics of the brace result in better patient compliance. When coupled with a specific physical therapy regimen, the QuikDraw™ RAP can lead to quick and lasting pain relief for better patient outcomes.

Apen QuikDraw™ back brace is a comfortable, effective and easy-to-use lumbar brace for chronic back pain or minimally invasive surgery patients.  Sized according to male or female waist circumference, the Aspen QuikDraw™ incorporates two draw strings that easily control and adjust compression.   It also features the independently adjusted upper and lower SlickTrack™ Tighening System allow patients to tailor the lumbar brace’s compression to achieve immediate pain relief.   Aspen QuikDraw™ lumbar brace can be worn over or under clothing and is made of breathable, washable material. Since the brace can be worn directly against the skin, and because it automatically conforms to each patient’s lordotic curve, migration of the brace from the lumbar area is essentially eliminated. In addition, the Aspen QuickDraw brace’s super low profile design means it can be conveniently worn under clothing, for the discreet, all day support your patients need.

Features and Benefits

  • Compression-Natural leverage combined with a significant mechanical advantage offers compression that proviedes stron support and immediate pain relief.
  • Mechanical Advantage-The SlickTrack tightening system allows all patients to easily control upper and lower tightening, applying localized therapy directly to the lumbar region.
  • Versatile Back Pocket-A back pocket allows use of a customizable rigid panel with a cushioning pad for better support, or an optional cold therapy pack.
  • Innovative Materials-A lightweight skin-friendly material provides unparalleled comfort and durability.  The non-elastic washable material is easy to clean without compromising the structural integrity of the QuikDraw.
  • Style-The QuikDraw RAP in available in black and white.
  • Form-Fitting Design-The QuikDraw is designed to accomodate different body types.
  • Comfort-The lightweight, breathable material is soft enough to wear against the skin, allowing cool air in and body heat out, providing unsurpassed comfort.
  • Support-Padded Rigid Anterior Panels (RAP) and posterior panels disperse pressure and compression to provide effective support.

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Product Specifications

  • Extra Small: 22 to 26 in
  • Small: 26 to 30 in
  • Medium: 31 to 37 in
  • Large: 36 to 42 in
  • Extra Large: 41 to 47 in
  • Extra Extra Large: 46 to 57 in

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