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Baby Buddha

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Want to pump as your little one snoozes away? Or maybe in a less-than-private room? No problem!  View more

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Keep Your Hands Free

We know just how busy being a new mom can be. That's why we designed the BabyBuddha pump to free your hands and enhance your productivity.


Freedom To Move

Simply hang the compact pump around your neck using the lanyard and gain the freedom to multi-task.


No More Racket

Want to pump as your little one snoozes away? Or maybe in a less-than-private room? No problem! With an impressively quiet mechanism, our breastfeeding milk pump keeps the whole process discreet. Invest in a pump that keeps all that buzzing, whirring, and humming to a minimum.


All About Comfort

We've taken a multi-pronged approach to make every pumping session as comfy as can be. The BabyBuddha pump has an extra-soft cushion to prevent nipple soreness, multiple stimulate & suction modes to suit your preference, and an anti-backflow design to eliminate the need to uncomfortably lean forward like others require you to do.


Hassle-Free Operation

Don't burden yourself with complex controls that take ages to master. Don't tie yourself down with cords and cables. Operating BabyBuddha couldn't be easier, simply recharge it and use the trackball to navigate through the various modes, and land on the perfect one with a simple swivel of the thumb.


Designed for Safety

Keep milk contamination at bay with a baby nursing pump crafted around safety. With a closed system and 100% BPA-free construction, the milk is never tainted by flowing backward and never comes into contact with any toxins whatsoever



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