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UTI Information

Having Multiple UTIs?
WCMX Star Jerry Diaz Shares His Advice

Find out what WCMX Star Jerry Diaz did to get his under control so he can spend more time at the skate park instead of fighting painful infections!

Watch his LIVE interview below:

Do You Have Multiple UTIs?

Jerry Diaz says, "I’m often asked which catheters I use. I like the Cure pre-lubricated closed system catheters, because the tubes don’t kink-up or collapse. Also, each catheter comes with the tube and the bag all connected. Then I don’t have to get a water bottle to attach to it or sit on the toilet."

Cure Medical HM14C Catheter

Jerry Diaz


Jerry tells friends in similar situations to TRY A CURE!

I haven’t had a urinary tract infection for 4 years, and I think that’s because I use Closed System catheters.

"...Please know that I’m very diligent too about washing my hands before and after I use the catheter, and I wear gloves when I self-cath.

I’m able to get my Cure catheters through my medical supply company (Like us, PIEDMONT MEDICAL SOLUTIONS!). The medical supply company calls and checks on me to find out when I need more catheters shipped to me."

To find out more about Closed system Catheters, call us today!

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